Founded by Megan Koval, AWOL Strategy is a personal branding destination for forward-thinking professionals looking to clarify their pursuits and prosper from their full potential. Blending introspection with action, we assess the current personal brand, understand how it’s being interpreted in the world, and build a powerful path for clear differentiation and influence. We create clarity and differentiation by building strong strategic foundations — resulting in a more purpose driven and prosperous path. 

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Megan Koval, founder

Megan Koval is a Pathfinder and international speaker — guiding and inspiring people around the world to clarify their pursuits and prosper from their full potential. She’s the author of Color Your Calling, an interactive guidebook to fuel your introspective quest and make your calling a colorful reality. Her previous branding work can be found with Fortune 500 companies like NBCUniversal, mega brands like Nike and startups and nonprofits. Since launching AWOL Strategy, she has supported global entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and founders and helped them tap into their potential and articulate their purpose. Her clients have spanned from Manhattan, Manchester, Malaysia and more. Although based in New York City, her clientele mirrors her nomadic pursuits.

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Everyone is a living and breathing brand, yet few know how to externalize it in the world with a clear, purpose driven path. Our strategic experience working with Fortune 500 companies and leading brands such as Nike and NBCUniversal has equipped us with the best practices to then translate towards individuals. Every approach differs based on specific needs but all prioritize building a brand that is authentic, credible and adds greater value in the world. Typically, we work with intrapreneurs, executives, thought-leaders and founders.


AWOL Strategy has been featured around the world and has spoken in Paris, London, Canary Islands, and USA. Additional press includes podcasts, events and speaking engagements.

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